About Me

Hello! I am Svetlana.

Welcome to my Blog “Travel to dream”. Thanks for stopping by.


I am photographer and freelance writer.

Last 13 years, or maybe even more, I was going by the wrong way.

I graduated from one of the best universities in Russia, worked in the field of project management in the energy sector in government agencies and huge state-owned corporation.

I was working in office like a lot of my friends and other people around.

I was already falling in love with taking photos and I liked to notice simple beauty around us. I was taking photos, observing and collecting big archives of pictures and stories in my computer and in my memory.

In general, everything was ok.

But I felt that something is going wrong.


I started my journey from zero point.

Recently, I finally allowed myself to begin my journey from the zero point.

Here I want to say really great “Thank you!” to my husband, he is supporting me and it is making me enough brave to follow my dream.

I decided to realize my dream – to become a photographer, and discovered desire to write.

It is a time to do what I love, to do it professionally and to share with people around me.

I want to show all this beauty around us.



I began to write, I made my photo-site and photo-blog, created this blog about travel, began to make more photo shooting, and started to write about amazing places, which I know and love.

I allowed myself to follow my dream, and started my way from the zero.

It is very interesting and very difficult way. It is my travel to dream and I am happy on this way.

That’s why I called my blog “Travel to dream”.


So, What is my blog about?

My blog is about cities, countries, places that I love.  About people, atmosphere, history of these places.

My blog is about life – our life is a journey, a journey that we choose.


Lets go back to the cities and countries, back to the travel 🙂

I have a special relationships with the cities in which I live and travel.

I think to know the city, to make friends with them, you have to live in it for a while, you need to turn off the hiking trails and look around. You need to wander around and try to see the real city, and then city will open all its splendor.

And even if I go to a certain city for a day or two, I try to listen to the city, feel its atmosphere.

Therefore, my blog is not about tourist routes, but I will show most famous touristic places too.

My blog about cities and countries, with whom I became friends, about their amazing stories, about their beauty and atmosphere.

Every city is beautiful and interesting, every city is completely special.



But I am lucky! Six months ago I moved into one of the most amazing cities – This is Istanbul. This city is exciting, crazy, interesting, full of secrets, contrasts and astonishing discoveries. Istanbul has a very special atmosphere.

This city is the connection of several cultures. And I am very lucky.  I did’t know too much about Istanbul (except some historical data), and now I am discovering this city. Step by step we becoming friends. And I’d like to share this amazing city with you. So now my blog now is mostly about Istanbul.

I will show you Istanbul, which you never saw.



But! Istanbul is just a part of amazing, gorgeous country. Turkey is marvelous country, it is happiness to discover it.

And I will show you this gorgeous country. So my blog is about Turkey 🙂


Sri Lanka.

And that is not a full list 🙂 I’ve lived 3 months in Sri Lanka! I choose Sri Lanka by accident (although there are no coincidences).

Sri Lanka is an amazing island, if you ready to open your heart, then the island will be for you forever best place on the earth.

Lanka is beautiful, interesting, amazing. I made thousands pictures  of Sri Lanka and even made a photo book about this island.

So my blog will be a little bit about Sri Lanka, place that will be always in my heart. You will love it too, I am sure.


Not “The End”.

And it is not “The end” 🙂 I like to discover new places, so, I am sure you will find another interesting places in my “Travel to dream”.


I have website with my photo projects and portfolio. You can find it here www.bellana.net

Now my photo-site is in Russian only, but English version is coming soon.