Istanbul – incredible city. First look.


A lot of people used to say that it is a city of soul.

I see Istanbul different way.

Istanbul is one of the biggest city in the world, it is the very specific mix of different cultures.

It is really huge crowded city with very fast pace of living.

Istanbul is very interesting and charismatic city.

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It is like old box with treasure: you never know where you will find your treasure, but you can be sure if you will go out of touristic trail, turn to the  small Istanbul streets Istanbul will give you what you were looking for.

This city full of contrasts and it is attracting me very much.

I want to start to tell my story about Istanbul not from well-known touristic places, but from my specific experience about Istanbul.

But don’t worry, soon I will tell you about all touristic places too 🙂

I like to discover different districts of Istanbul. It could be old historical districts (like Balat, Fatih), where I really feel like I am touching the ancient history and can find the ruins of old Byzantine palace or beautiful building of old Greek school.

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I like to see modern fashion and business districts (like Maslak, Levent, Moda) and see the modern rich live of Istanbul.

One of my favorite district is Cihangir district and other small side streets around Galata Tower in Karakey. I like this place, you can walk here in calm atmosphere (especially in Cihangir streets), you can see the beauty of sea from the hill, nice houses and beauty of small streets. You can find here interesting antiques shops and small art galleries, boutique hotels, nice cafes and restaurants with very delicious food and cozy interiors.

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Very often you can see on the street old man who is selling something like orange juice, antiques stuff, shoe cleaning services. They are staying on the sidewalk with their small selling trucks. Or in some places you can just see the painted with graffiti wall and simple plastic chairs on the sidewalk – don’t be surprised it is a “street café”.

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I think it is the specific trade culture in Istanbul. These old men they are very enterprising and they don’t have recourses to organize big business, real café and etc. But they want to work, to earn money, and all day they are offering tea on these simple chairs on the sidewalk, they are working, doing what they like to do and they looks happy with it. May be this is a secret of happiness? And do not hesitate to try tea or juice. I drank a glass of orange juice from this seller on the street and it was the best juice, which I ever drank. It was several months ago but I still feel its delicious sweet and fresh taste in my mouth when I see this photo.

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I love Istanbul with his wind and smell of sea. It is like a talk with an old friend. When you are seating on the terrace of passenger ship and crossing Bosphorus, the salty wind is touching you face, seagulls is flying around and you feel something special in your heart… you feel the mood of this city.

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So, city of the soul or soul of the city? Who knows…

For me it is the most enigmatic city and I am happy to discover it.

Do you want to discover this city too? If yes, follow my blog and you will know this amazing city.

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